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Los Suenos Sailing – Private charter boats

Catamaran Sailing from Los Sueños is a beautiful experience, given the amount of unspoiled coastline found mostly to the north side, but also the options of visiting islands in the Gulf of Nicoya, such as Tortuga Island or other islands on tailor-made trips.

The waters of the Central Pacific of Costa Rica, near Los Sueños, Jaco and other nearby areas, are quite calm, and can even be navigated during the rainy season, as well as during the dry season or the Costa Rican summer.

Our tours are always focused on nature, however, we still include services such as drinks, meals, snorkeling and other water activities.

Visiting a remote and pristine beach nearby is one of our favorite activities: Our purpose is to actually sail and at the same time, for our clients to see the most natural and beautiful areas along the dramatic and interesting coastline, full of beaches, hidden coves, mystical bays and beautiful desolate beaches.

Sailing Los Suenos

Private catamaran charters

Sailing Los Sueños offers basically three suggested private itineraries, although custom private charters can be booked.

Private half-day morning tour

The morning private tour departs at 830 am and returns at 1230 pm. During these four hours, you will travel along the coast to a beautiful private beach located on a remote, pristine and desolate part of the coast.


Afternoon half-day private tour

The afternoon private charter, or also called sunset charter, departs at 2 pm and returns at 6 pm, just after being able to watch the sunset from the catamaran or yacht. It also includes drinks, meals as well as the water activities.

Full day private tour

The full day private charter departs at 10 am and returns at 6 pm. In addition to including drinks, light meals, snorkeling and water activities, it also includes a delicious lunch.

Tortuga Island Private Tour

Tortuga Island, located where the Gulf of Nicoya meets the Pacific Ocean, is a beautiful island with white sandy beaches and perfect waters for snorkeling or relaxing on the beach.

All our tours are 100% private, high quality and with high quality catamarans and yachts.

Our crew is dedicated to give 100% of their effort, attention, service and knowledge to make the trip as pleasant and satisfying as possible.