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Sailing Villa Caletas .:. Los Suenos trips and charters

Sailing from VILLA CALETAS

Villa Caletas

We offer our private sailing trips to clients staying at Hotel Villa Caletas. Although the hotel is at around 15 minutes away, in case the clients needs it, we can provide round trip transportation.

We can offer our half day morning charter, the half day sunset tour and the full day catamaran sailing trip to Tortuga Island.

We can of course also create custom designed sailing charters, taking clients to other islands or beaches if so they desire and let us know in advance.

Sailing Villa Caletas

Villa Caletas Hotel in Costa Rica is an ideal place to experience the luxury of private catamaran sailing charters. Located on a beachfront cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this beautiful property offers guests the chance to explore one of the world's most stunning coastlines in style and comfort. With a fleet of modern catamarans equipped with all the latest technology, Villa Caletas provides adventurers with an unforgettable sailing experience.

The catamarans are expertly piloted by experienced captains who take you to secluded beaches, hidden coves and majestic mountain peaks that can only be appreciated from a distance. On board, you can relax and take in the incredible sights as your captain navigates along crystal blue waters teeming with marine life. You may even have the opportunity to spot dolphins leaping out of the water! As if this wasn’t enough, you’ll also have ample time for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing while at anchor in some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful bays.

Catamaran Sailing

At Villa Caletas, you can customize your charter to suit your needs, whether it be a romantic sunset cruise or an exciting snorkeling adventure. Whatever you choose, you're sure to create memories that will last a lifetime. With its idyllic setting and luxurious amenities, Villa Caletas Hotel is truly the perfect destination for private catamaran sailing charters.